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{50+} Beautiful Anniversary Messages for Her

Each couple has their own way to celebrate their anniversary. Some give anniversary greetings or gifts, but good kinds of messages can do a lot than gifts. She wants your special attention on that day. Show her that she is the only one who completes you by sharing anniversary messages.

Amazed her by putting a picture on WhatsApp, Facebook, or Instagram by captioning a love anniversary message, she will be happy by seeing this, by this action, she will again fall in love with you. Scroll down to check our latest collection of 10 months anniversary messages for her.

Anniversary Messages for Her:

  • If we’ve had so many smiles and frowns, twists and turns, and ups and downs in the very first year of our marriage, imagine what the rest of our married life has in store for us. Here’s to a lifetime of crazy memories together. Happy first anniversary, sweetheart.

  • The very first year of our marriage has made me realize that I’ve married the best husband there is in this world. I’m so glad we tied the knot. Happy anniversary, honey.

  • A year has flown by, and I didn’t even realize it. Is the rest of our lives together going to run just as smoothly? I hope so. Wishing you a very happy anniversary, darling.

  • Happy first anniversary to the hottest, cutest, and sweetest husband ever. You rock my world!

  • Firsts of every kind are always great. The first kiss, first date, first day at school, first day at college, first day at work, etc. But the first year of marriage with you has topped all the other firsts in my life.

  • Am I dreaming, or has a year of our married life already passed by? Wow, with you around, time just flies! Thanks for being the perfect partner. Happy first anniversary.

  • Spending one year with you in pure bliss equals a thousand years of experiencing all the other pleasures of life. On our first marriage anniversary today, I promise to be as much of a blessing to you as you have been to me.

  • Let’s go wild celebrating our first anniversary the way we spent our first night together. Here’s wishing us both a rocking first marriage anniversary.

  • In the first year of our marriage, you’ve shown me all the good things that I’ve been missing all my life. Wishing us both a happy first anniversary!

  • Commemorating a first marriage anniversary with you is like looking back at all the years that we’ve spent together before marriage—precious, priceless, and pure.

  • I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that my best friend, girlfriend, and wife are the same woman. Happy anniversary!

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  • May the rest of our lives always be like our first anniversary — exciting, youthful, and hopelessly romantic. Happy first anniversary.

  • Through all of life’s mountaintops and valleys, I’m so blessed to be able to share this roller coaster of life with you.

  • One year has passed, but I will never forget that moment in my life when you said YES. You make my life complete!

  • It is not very often that a fairytale romance turns out to be a perfect marriage as well. That is what I have found with you.

  • It doesn’t matter whether we always agree or not. What matters is that I love you and you love me.

  • You are a strong, capable, and beautiful woman. You thoroughly impress everyone you meet. I’m so proud to be able to call you my wife.

  • Marrying you was the smartest thing I ever did.

  • Every moment, from romantic dinners to simple walks in the park, is pure magic! Thank you for filling my life with joy for the past five years.

  • Thank you for always forgiving me, believing in me, and for sticking with me through thick and thin.

Anniversary Text for Her:

  • So blessed to have grandparents like you. Thanks for showing us, year after year, what a marriage centered on faith looks like.

  • Thanks for being wonderful parents and for your lasting commitment to each other. In all my years, I’ve never once wondered whether you loved each other, or me. It was always so clear.

  • [Scott], you’re one lucky guy. [Marcie], thanks for making my big brother so happy. Love to you both on your anniversary!

  • Happy [ninth] anniversary to my favorite cousin and cousin-in-law!

  • It’s so good to call you family, to share good times with you both, and to see how happy you make each other.

  • Happy Anniversary, [Aunt Becky] and [Uncle Joe]. Each of you is so special in your own way, and together, you’re just the best!

  • Family is so much more fun with both of you in it! Happy [fourth] anniversary! Love you guys!

  • You don’t get this far without a whole lotta love, and that’s what you’ve given—to each other and to the family around you. Hope you know how much we love you, too.

  • I couldn’t ask for a better sister and brother-in-law (or for cuter nieces!).

  • Just thinking how good it is to have a couple like you in our family. God bless you both on your anniversary.

  • Life bestows me with its most perfect hues when I think about me and you. xoxo

  • From sending you good night texts to wishing you good morning, everything seems sweeter since the day you became my darling. Happy anniversary.

  • Since the day you became my girlfriend, all my troubles have come to an end. Since the day I gave you a kiss, life has been nothing but pure bliss. Since the day I gave you my heart, my life has had a beautiful new start. Happy anniversary.

  • You are a girlfriend who is perfect in every way. I am glad I asked you out on this very day. Happy anniversary.

  • Yet another year of our relationship, as we break into – I hope that I get to celebrate this again and again with you. Happy anniversary.

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  • There is a special place in my heart for you and it is called PERMANENT. Happy anniversary.

  • Gravity may have been one of the greatest discoveries made by mankind, but your love is the greatest discovery I have made in my lifetime. Happy anniversary.

  • I haven’t seen the future but if our past is anything to go by, it is going to be fantastic and romantic, amazing and exciting, heady and steady. Happy anniversary.

  • Ever since we started dating, monsoon has been only one season in my life – a constant shower of hugs and kisses, and I hope it never changes. Happy anniversary.

  • As quickly as it came along, this anniversary will go. But my love for you will never stop growing. I love you.

Happy Anniversary Messages for Her:

  • You have single-handedly shown me the meaning of true love and what having a loyal partner feels like. I thank God for you every day and hope that the future holds better things.

  • Despite being with you for 3 years, I still get butterflies every time I set my eyes on you. Let’s have the greatest anniversary this year. I love you, my special Friend!!!

  • Something that started with a first glance has now grown into an inseparable union that will soon lead to an ecstatic marriage. Happy anniversary, love. Here’s to many more years of blessings!

  • The past two years have been full of love, affection, and passion. Through the ups and downs, we have strengthened and fought for each other. Happy anniversary and thank you for being all that you are.

  • Since we started seeing each other, I knew we were destined to be together for life. As we celebrate yet another year of this love we profess, it is my prayer that we will abound more in unity and blessings.

  • My feelings for you grow stronger by the day, regardless of the occasional arguments. You have helped me grow and mature up, despite my annoying nature. Thank you for being so gentle and patient. Happy anniversary, my sweet girlfriend.

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  • For the rest of our lives together, I would love to adore you, take care of you, and love you with all I have. We have each other for life, and that’s all that matters. Happy anniversary my lovely Gf.

  • I never thought I would love you more than I did when you became mine. But now, I love you more than words could describe. I can’t wait to make babies with you. Happy anniversary, my love.

  • I remember the first day our eyes locked. You are still as breathtaking as that beautiful day. Happy anniversary baby my sweet wife.

  • The assurance from your kisses and touch makes me want to do forever with you. It is another year of a sweet relationship. Happy anniversary to us.


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