{50+} Best Happy Birthday Messages for Daughter

Birthday comes once in a year and it is a very special day for those who have their birthday. So, if your daughter’s birthday is around the corner and you are looking for some beautiful birthday messages then don’t worry. Here, we are listing some amazing birthday messages and SMS. You just have to pick any best line among them send her to wish your daughter a very happy birthday. Having a daughter is priceless, so wishing her in a better way

So, why are you delaying? Just scroll down the page and have a look at these amazing birthday messages.

Birthday Message for Daughter From Mother:

  • Beloved daughter, I wish you a long and happy life. May you always follow all that is good and right, and may all your dreams come true. Happy birthday!

  • We are fortunate to have you as our daughter. You have brought every joy in our lives that we ever dreamed of. Watching you grow up to be a wonderful lady is our great pleasure. Happy birthday!

  • We always pray for you that you get everything in your life. You just cannot imagine how much happy we are to have you in our life. Happy birthday my dear daughter.

  • It was great watching you grow up to be a fine young lady. Thanks for making us proud every day. Wishing you a very joyous and happy birthday.

  • Birthday wishes to my daughter every birthday of yours give me just as much joy as it gave me when I first heard the news that I was going to be a mom. Happy birthday my love!

  • You are the most wonderful and precious gift of our lifetime and we will be always grateful for that. Have a brilliant birthday, dear!

  • You are certainly the most beautiful gift that we have received in our lifetime. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful daughter in the whole world!

  • Happy birthday my sweet princess. Congratulations on turning [put year].

  • Happy birthday my daughter! May you always get the best in every aspect of your life.

  • Happy birthday to you, our little angel! Our wish is for you to love life and to never cease dreaming. May you always be surrounded by beauty and happiness!

  • Happy birthday, lovely daughter! May your big day be as wonderful and adorable as you are!

  • Happy birthday to my darling little doll. Thanks for giving us a wonderful parenting experience.

  • We always wanted you to stay just like the little doll you were. But time sure does fly very fast. Happy birthday my daughter.

bday wishes to daughter

  • Dear daughter, another year has passed and we are happy to see you grow even more beautiful and wiser each year. We love you. Happy Birthday!

  • Another year has passed by, and my little daughter has grown up a bit once more. On her special day, I hope and pray that all her dreams come true.

  • You are the most valuable gift we have in our life. Thanks for making our life worthwhile. Happy birthday to our lovely daughter.

  • You are the most precious gift we have ever got in our life. Today one more has ticked around and we are celebrating your birthday once again. Happy birthday, daughter.

  • Happy Birthday our sweetie! May this day bring you nothing but joy and the most wonderful memories!

  • You are just like this birthday cake, sweet and soft. Right from the day you were born, you kept stopped sprinkling joy on our lives. Happy birthday.

  • We are proud that we got a charming princess as our daughter. Happy birthday to our beautiful angel.

Birthday Message for My Daughter:

  • You are a precious gem in the family. We will make sure you never have anything to worry about in life. Happy birthday my angel.

  • Can’t stop loving you. You are such a cute thing! Happy birthday, doll.

  • Expressing our feelings for you is not easy. Words ae not enough to express our love for you. Wishing you a very happy birthday my cutie pie. Happy birthday, my dear. I hope you make it big in life.

  • Watching you grow up has been the most meaningful experience in our life. Happy birthday my doll.

  • Our darling girl, we’re so glad you came along. You’ve made our world infinite times richer than you could ever imagine. Happy birthday! We love you!

  • We know that you are excited about getting older. But we will always miss the little you. Happy birthday my daughter.


  • Sometimes we may be a little hard on you, but know that we love you and we always want the best for you. Wishing you a very joyous birthday. The day is all yours.

  • It’s my baby girl’s birthday. I hope she has a blast!

  • As a daughter, you couldn’t be any better. Thanks for being an amazing daughter. We love you. Happy birthday.

  • On your special day, I would like to extend to your heartfelt birthday wishes.

Happy Birthday Message for Daughter:

  • Sweetie, I love the woman you are becoming. It has been an absolutely phenomenal experience getting to watch you mature into a wonderful young woman. Happy birthday!

  • Dearest daughter, you’re one of the most kind-hearted people I know of. Never change. Happy birthday!

  • It’s hard to imagine that my little girl is growing up so fast. It feels as if it was yesterday that she was this little girl. Happy birthday.

  • Happy birthday, dearest daughter of mine. I am proud of the strong, independent woman you’re becoming.

  • Thank you, darling, for ushering an era of happiness into my life like no other. I love you immensely. Happy birthday!

  • Dearest daughter, I wish for you to have a life of positivity and satisfaction. Live authentically and with purpose. Happy birthday; Mum loves you!


  • I carried you inside my womb for nine-month and now I am watching you grow up before my eyes. The joy of parenthood is unmatched by any other feeling in the world. Happy birthday!

  • A loving and caring daughter like you makes life worthwhile. You do so much for me. Happy birthday my sweet little daughter.

  • People say that you and I look almost the same. But I think you are much more gorgeous and way too charming than me. Happy birthday, my beautiful daughter!

  • Yes, as a mother, I have to act very strictly sometimes. I worry for you too much because you are my only adorable princess. Happy birthday my angel, enjoy the day.

Birthday Messages for Daughter:

  • I would like to wish the most amazing girl a Happy Birthday. You are my best friend and I can’t imagine my life without you. You are kind, sweet, and just an overall great daughter.

  • Today I am going to bake the best birthday cake of your life. Tell me, what else do you want because today you’re going to get it all! Happy birthday!

  • Daddy’s little girl is growing up so fast. Congrats, my love on turning [put year]. I hope all your dreams come true.

  • I would like to convey heartfelt birthday wishes to my daughter. You’re a great source of inspiration for all the siblings. We’re proud of you.

  • This day is truly a special day for me. Have a lovely birthday my dear daughter!

  • My daughter is a lioness. Fierce and loyal to her family, she is everything I had ever imagined her to be. Happy birthday, sweetheart!


  • I love the twinkle in my daughter’s eyes. Being the father of such an amazing daughter has been a phenomenal experience. Happy birthday!

  • I thank God every single day for the gift of family. You, my daughter, are a gem of a person. Happy birthday! Dad loves you!

  • Back when you were little, I was your superman. I really hope you haven’t replaced me with any of those young brats lately. Happy birthday my gem.

  • Your mom says that I have spoiled you rotten. But I know my daughter; she will never let me down. Happy birthday my love!


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