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Birthday events are extraordinary, especially when it’s your child’s birthday. There are many ways to express your feeling but bday messages are a good way to convey your feelings which can show your love towards him. A child is probably the best present that life can bring, yet it tends to be very difficult what to write on his birthday so that we have listed best 100 birthday wishes for son. 

For the sake of entertainment, we have funny birthday wishes with the goal that you both can laugh out loud. You are on the right page if you are also searching for “Facebook birthday wishes” for your son. So, without wasting more time pick any best line from the below and wish your younger son or elder son.

Happy Birthday Wishes for Son:

  • Wish you many many happy returns of the day. May God bless you with health, wealth, and prosperity in your life. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  • Dear son, you are like a prince to us. May you have a great year and glorious life ahead. We are always with you. I wish you a very Happy Birthday.

  • Words are simply not enough to express how amazing I feel to have you as my son. I love you. You make my life complete. Happy birthday, son!

  • You are the source of happiness in my life, On your birthday, I pray, That you always stay happy and blessed, Happy birthday son, make the most of it today!

  • You have always made us proud. Our blessings and support are always with you. May God bless you with all you desire in life. Happy Birthday, Son. Enjoy your special day.

  • I hope that you always look ahead in life with a smile on your face and look back with fondness in your heart. I wish you endless joy in life on your birthday, and may it be filled with wonder and delight this year.

  • I am grateful every day that you came into my world. Your smiles and laughter are a balm to my heart. You have brought nothing but happiness into my life. Happy birthday, son.

  • Thanks for giving me the opportunity to feel such an all-encompassing love. You fill my days with warmth, wonder, and joy. I hope your birthday is filled with the same.

  • When you were born, I couldn’t even fathom how much you’d come to mean to me. You are my everything. May your special day be filled with untold splendor. Happy birthday!

  • I hope that this year your birthday is just the beginning of an unforgettable journey that will lead you to an even more amazing future. Remember always to continue to wish and dream.

  • Dear son, I hope that the birthday cake I sent you is soft and sweet. But one thing is for sure, it can never be sweeter than you, happy birthday my lovely son!

  • “Unending love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, everlasting affection, and endless care. These are the things that we can do for you, our dear son. Stay happy and have a happy birthday!”

  • “There’s nothing more exciting and satisfying to have seen you grow and turn into such an amazing person. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

  • “If your birthday is only half as wonderful as you are, it will be the greatest celebration of the year. No one deserves it more than you. May your special day be filled with tons of cake and presents.”

  • “Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve a son so wonderful as you. But most of the time, I just thank God that He blessed my life and gave it meaning by giving me you. Happy birthday, my dear son.”

  • Happy Birthday To My Wonderful Son. No matter how big you get or how far you go, I’ll always be here, right beside you.

  • Happy Birthday. Son, my birthday wish for you is that each year brings you: more wisdom; more dreams; more laughter; and more wishes.

  • Happy Birthday. Sending my wonderful son a hug, lots of love, and wishing you loads of fun!

  • Happy Birthday to the best son ever! You’re totally rad and you know it! Go celebrate. Have all the fun, and remember we love you so much!


  • Happy Birthday, Son. May you always know joy. May you always choose hope. May you always feel loved no matter where in this great, big, beautiful world you roam

  • We always thought that miracles happened to one in a billion. We never imagined that we would be the lucky chosen ones until we had you as our dear son. Happy birthday.

  • Dear son, no matter how much you have grown, for us, you are always going to remain our dearest and smartest baby boy. Wishing you a very happy birthday. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

  • The most precious memories and the happiest moments of my life revolve around the smiles and laughs of just one person – my son. Happy birthday.

  • Your birthday brings happy memories and a reminder of how you continue to bring joy to our lives. Happy birthday wishes to my son!

  • Dear son, we have always been made proud of you. You will always have our support and blessings. Happy birthday to the dearest and most beautiful son!

  • Stay happy, healthy, and blessed with love and joy. This is just one day, but it is a special one, not just for you, but for us as well. This is the day we were blessed with happiness, and we receive it every day thanks to you.

  • They say miracles happen to one in a billion. Who would have ever thought it would happen to us? We were the lucky ones to have you, our beloved son. Best wishes.

  • You will forever be just a little bundle of joy for us. No matter whether you become a teenage boy, young adult, a grown man, or an old man, you will remain the little baby we hold in our hands to this day. Happy birthday, son.

  • Whenever you feel life gives you a hard time, just come to me and I will hug you and make all the pain go away. You will always be my little son, no matter how much you grow. Best wishes on your birthday.

  • Dear son, you are a gift from our Heavenly Father. I am sure that after God made you, he looked at you, and said “Wow”. Happy Birthday my son, my awesome creation.

Birthday Messages for Son:

  • Happy Birthday to our darling boy. May you have a wonderful and fun-filled birthday.

  • Dear Son, may all your birthday wishes come true!

  • Birthday wishes to the best son on the planet!

  • With love and best wishes to the most amazing son in the world. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • Happy Birthday dear son. Stay happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day, and every day of the year. We love you!

  • Son, we think the world of you and love you very much. We hope you have the happiest birthday and an even happier, healthy future.

  • Son, no matter how old you get, you’ll always be our little prince. Hope you have a truly wonderful birthday.

  • Thank you for letting us be the best parents we can be, just by being yourself — a wonderful, wonderful boy.

  • We’re so fortunate to have a fantastic son like you. You’ve always been a beacon of light for us. Happy birthday, son!

  • Happy birthday, son. Stay happy, healthy, and blessed on your special day…and every day of the year.

  • Your arrival in our life is like a light that kept our lives brighter, and yearly, you do shine brighter because of your kindness. You are the best son in the world. I love you.

  • Sometimes, on this day, God gave me a son and it looks like you. Thank you for being my son. Happy birthday.

  • When God gave gifts, I cannot believe He sent me the best. You are the best son a mother could ever hope for. I love you, son.


  • Your smile is like a box full of colors, it makes my world alive and more beautiful. I promise to do my best to make you smile all year long. Happy 7th birthday, my son.

  • The day you were born marked a new chapter in my life – you made me a mom. Thank you for making each day happier since then. I wish you all the finest things that your heart desire.

  • Son, on the day you were born, all my dreams came true. Have a wonderful birthday.

  • When I think of all the milestones you have reached and all the ways you bless others, I am overwhelmingly proud to be your mother/father. May your birthday be the best yet, son.

  • Son, when you were born, you were perfection wrapped in a soft blue blanket. Have a perfect birthday.

  • Thinking back on when you were a little boy gives me great joy. Looking at you now and seeing all you have accomplished in life continues to fill me with joy. Best wishes for an amazing birthday, son.

  • Son, this day always reminds me of how blessed I am to have you in my life. May your birthday be filled with love and happy memories.

Birthday Quotes for Son From Mom:

  • It’s been wonderful to see you grow into the handsome young man you have become. Happy birthday dear son!

  • I wish you didn’t have to grow up and leave for studies; we miss you! Here I am sending lots of love and blessings on your birthday!

  • May God bless you for every day of your beautiful life, sweetheart, happy birthday!

  • My joy increases every day when I look at you being the best you can in everything. But I want to take a moment here and tell you it is okay to be the best in everything, maybe not, instead try to be the best of you! Happy birthday, son!

  • When your baby sister was born, I was worried if you would feel less important if you might act out. But instead, you were the best son and big brother; you not only helped me sometimes, but you also didn’t even let the trouble reach me and handled it all by yourself. Here’s to the angel within you. Happy birthday, son!

  • A son like you is one in a million; I would cherish you in my heart forever! Happy birthday, son!

  • Dear Son, You changed my life the day you were born. The joy and happiness in my life can’t be expressed in words. I just want you to know I love you with all my heart and thank you for choosing me to be your Mom! Happy Birthday, Little Prince!

  • Ever since you arrived in my life, I wanted to make you like me. But as the years have passed, I have realized my stupidity. You are meant to be someone so much better. Happy Birthday to the best Son in the world!

  • Today, you have turned from a curious little kid to a mischievous boy. Tomorrow, you might become a great man. But for us, you will always be our little bundle of joy. Dear Son, Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!

  • I can’t guess today if you will become a Doctor, an astronaut or a football star, but I know for sure that you are a very very gifted boy. May God Bless You as always! Happy Birthday, Little Champ!

  • You mean the world to me, my boy, and today the world celebrates! Happy Birthday, Dear Son!

  • My dear son, may this birthday bring you more love, joy, happiness, and prosperity is yet another amazing year in your life. You always deserve the best in life because you are a great son and an amazing human being! Wishing you a very happy birthday!

  • You have been much more than a son to me. You have been the most beautiful gift from God. I have cherished all the precious moments watching you grow up and the tender memories will remain close to my heart forever! I love you son. Happy birthday!

  • On this special day, I wish you that you are blessed with all the happiness and good health in your life. I wish you a very happy birthday son!


  • I want you to know that you have never given us any trouble as you grew up. You have always been the best son in this entire world! Wishing you a great birthday and prosperity in the future!

  • My son, you don’t know but watching you grow has been one of the biggest delights of my life. No matter what challenges you will face in life, I wish you will climb all the mountains in your life. I wish you a great birthday and a great life in the future.

  • Happy birthday, son. All I wish you on your birthday is that your life is filled with all the colors from heaven. May you live a joyous and happy life.

  • Wishing a very happy birthday to the most adorable son in the universe. Wish you all the joy, love, happiness, and prosperity in your life!

  • The most memorable day for us is when you came into the world. We found our angel on this beautiful day. May you be blessed with a bright future!

  • May you have another glorious year of sound health, prosperity, and happiness! Happy birthday, Son.

  • Happy birthday my son. All I wish is that God helps you achieve your dreams; conquer all the success in life and make you happy.

Birthday Status for Son:

  • Happy birthday to my dear son, may God keep you for us in good health, and may he continue to provide the wealth to take good care of you. Happy birthday.

  • 20 years ago God gave the most amazing happiness to be a mother. I’m so proud of you. You are always there for me whenever I need you. Thank you for your support and your love. Happy birthday!! I love you lots.

  • Happy 19th birthday son, wild the ride and completely worth it! Love you more than words I can say and to the moon and back! Enjoy your great day!!

  • Couldn’t be a prouder papa. These pictures are courtesy of his big sister. I know she feels the same way. Happy birthday, dear son!! We all love you lots!!!

  • Good morning Facebook family today is my son’s 17th birthday I’m so proud of him and in 1 more year, you’ll be able to vote. I love you happy birthday.

  • The road ahead of you holds endless possibilities Happy birthday son

  • Son Happy Birthday The road ahead of you holds endless possibilities

  • You are my pride and joy a man after my own heart Happy birthday son

  • We’re so lucky to have such a great son like you Happy birthday kiddo

  • Wonderful bday to our biggest source of joy and pride We love you son

  • We love you and wish you the happiest of days and a bright, healthy future.

birthday wishes for younger son

  • Dear son, no matter how much you have grown, for us, you are always going to remain our dearest and smartest baby boy. Wishing you a happy bday. May all your dreams and wishes come true!

  • Thanks, son for giving us the opportunity to become the best parents that you will ever have. May you have a great birthday celebration and a wonderful year ahead!

  • We are so lucky to have such an amazing son in the world, have the best birthday today, kiddo!

  • Unending love, undivided attention, eternal pampering, everlasting affection, and endless care. These are the things that we can do for you, our dear son. Stay happy and have an amazing birthday!

  • My Dear Son, Happy Birthday! May you have all the happiness in your life and may you be successful in what you out your heart and soul into. Happy Birthday!

  • No matter where you are and what you do, just remember that I am proud of you and I will love you forever no matter what. You will always find me by your side cheering for you. Have a blessed birthday, my boy!

  • Hey Kiddo, Parenting is a difficult job but having a precious and loving son like you made it so much easier. I feel so lucky to be your parent. Have a happy and blessed Birthday!

  • May this birthday and the year ahead bring you joy and success in your life! Love for you now and always, my son!

  • May you have the happiest birthday ever! I want you to know that when I am scolding you, it is only because I care about you and when I hug you, it is always because I love you to pieces. Happy birthday!


So, these were some amazing happy birthday wishes and messages that will help you to wish your elder son, the younger son, or son-in-law on his birthday. We also have a collection for “quotes from mother to son on his birthday” so that mom can also wish her child.  Father and son have very lovely bonding, so on this day, it’s your duty to enhance your bond with the help of some good kind of wishes. For your ease, we have provided you the best “happy birthday status for son” so that you can put a status on WhatsApp or Facebook.

The firstborn child is very close to his mother’s heart, so his first birthday is special. I hope you will find the best birthday quotes for son. And. if you have any suggestion for us then write in the comment section below. We wish your son a very Happy Birthday and God Bless Him.

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