{50+} Best Happy Birthday Messages for Boyfriend

Sending a happy birthday message to boyfriend is a special feeling. Another great idea to show your love and care towards him by writing a special cute birthday message for him on the cake.

He deserves all of your love and respect, so choose bday msg for bf or birthday SMS, from our stuff, which will make him feel happy. So, scroll down to check our list of romantic wishes like sweet birthday messages for the boyfriend or birthday msg for the boyfriend.

Birthday Messages for Boyfriend:

  • Happy Birthday to my own special guy. I love you so! To this amazing, handsome guy I’m saying “Happy Birthday” with all my heart!

  • I have been expecting this day to hug you twice as much. If it can be, that is. Happy Birthday, darling.

  • I’m so glad I bumped into you one day! Today it’s the day to celebrate this, too. Happy Birthday!

  • You’re the guy I’d like to spend my day with. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday to the man that I wish to hold forever in my heart. It might seem like a usual night sky tonight. The stars align to say “Happy Birthday”.

  • The secret of your love is no mystery to me. “Happy Birthday” from an enchanted girl.

  • You are the perfect combination of dynamic & sensitive in a man. Happy Birthday, I’m so in love with you!

  • If there were ever high walls hiding my heart, I’m so happy this warrior shattered them. I love you & Happy Birthday.

  • If I sometimes can’t hear what you’re saying, it’s only because my heart is beating so fast. Happy Birthday, my love.

  • This girl’s been lassoed, but she’s not in captivation. Happy Birthday, cowboy, you’re my savior.

  • You take my breath away. You are a dream come true & I’d like to wish you a “Happy Birthday” from the depths of my soul.

  • Happy Birthday, handsome baby! You mean the world to me!

  • All women-scientists agree: you are a gorgeous hunk. Imagine how lucky a girl can feel beside you. Happy Birthday, my gorgeous!

  • You are definitely sweeter than the birthday cake I’m bringing you tonight! Happy Birthday, my sweet love.

  • Just like nature needs sunlight, my heart needs your love. Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday.

happy birthday dear bf

  • Your love makes me feel like the luckiest girl alive. Happy Birthday, baby!

  • They say you only live once, but thanks to you, baby, I feel re-born. Happy Birthday, love!

  • How can a man be so beautiful and strong at the same time? This girl is still trying to find out the secret. Until then: Happy Birthday!

  • You aren’t only a wish come true. You are the genie itself! Happy Birthday, my genie!

  • Your love has brought me more luck than a four-leaved clover! Happy Birthday, you’re my true lucky charm.

  • I’m literally under your spell and not interested in finding an antidote. You’re the love magician, Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Text Message for Boyfriend:

  • If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up into reality for no reason. Happy Birthday, you wild dream! Happy Birthday to you!

  • I was ready to kiss some frogs in my life, but then I found the prince himself! Happy Birthday!

  • Let this be a day full of love, surprises & music, my love. Happy Birthday, let’s have fun!

  • Wishing you a very, very happy birthday and hoping our relationship will blossom and stand out like a rare flower.

  • Hugs & kisses, love & gratitude, time & affection are going to be my primary birthday present today. Happy Birthday, my love.

  • This day is the perfect opportunity to officially re-state something I’m saying every single day: I love you. Happy Birthday!

  • Happy Birthday to the most commonly recognized star that fell on earth! Happy Birthday, my heavenly creature!

happy birthday dear

  • Your birthday gives me the opportunity to say it loud: “I love you + Happy Birthday”!

  • Happy Birthday to the man that came into my life and filled it up with happiness. I love you, the birthday boy

  • On your birthday, I’d like to wish two things: all the success & recognition to you, and all the love to both of us. Happiest of Birthdays!!!

Long Birthday Messages for Boyfriend:

  • Let’s chill this whole day out. We deserve it! Happy Birthday, my cool man!

  • We might not have arranged a party, but anything we do together with our friends tonight is going to be a celebration. I love you, honey! Happy Bday.

  • I love being in your arms & I know you like it, too! So, that will be my first Birthday gift tonight! Happy Birthday!

  • My future is bright simply because I have a wonderful man like you in my life. Nothing will ever change my love for you. Happy birthday, my dear.

  • Did you know that you are the one behind my every smile? Cheers to my wonderful boyfriend. Happy birthday.

  • You are the sweetest and most fabulous person I know. And I’m so glad that you belong to me. Happy birthday, my love

  • Thank you for treating me like a princess. Today on your birthday I want to thank you for truly being my prince charming and my knight in shining armor wrapped into one!


  • Men like you are truly a rare breed. You listen with understanding. You’re supportive and compassionate. For all that you are and all that you mean to me, I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever. I love you!

  • You’re the most loving and caring man I’ve ever met. I feel incredibly blessed to be in a relationship with you. May you have the happy, incredible birthday you deserve!

  • Hello Handsome! What would my one and only heartthrob like for his birthday? I promise to make it happen.

Cute Birthday Messages for Boyfriend:

  • For your birthday, you can have a hunk of cake, and I’ll just have the handsome hunk who’s eating it!

  • Happy birthday to my fearless knight. My knees buckle, and my heart melts all over again when I’m near you.

  • Happy birthday, Smile Maker! For your birthday, I want to be the one to make my guy smile for a change.

  • You still look pretty good for an old guy! Let’s celebrate another year.

  • Let’s go, Romeo! It’s time for me to be the romantic one on your birthday.

  • You are sexy and slick, the man for this chick! It’s your birthday, so let’s find closed doors, quick!

  • Come on, my spicy Meatball! Let’s be Lady and the Tramp and share some birthday spaghetti.


  • You be Tarzan, and I’ll be Jane. Let’s fill your birthday with jungle love!

  • You’re my strength when I’m weak, my water when I’m thirsty, my blanket In times of cold, and my light during darkness. Happy birthday my love.

  • Happy Birthday to my Knight in Shining Armor. I am so happy that you are in my life, and that you are making all of my dreams come true. Wishing you the best today and in the year to come.


So, these were some beautiful bday messages for boyfriend. We hope you would like our wishes collection. For your ease to wish we have a special birthday card messages category. You may also send these amazing bday messages on WhatsApp, Facebook to make him feel that without him you are nothing.

Give us your suggestion by using the comment section. We wish your loving boyfriend a very Happy Birthday!

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