{60+}Birthday Wishes for Father-In-Law in English, Hindi & Marathi

Happy birthday wishes for father in law:  You must wish your father-in-law without any hesitation. Treat him as you would with your father.  Show him your love and care on his special day by sending birthday wishes to his wife’s father. He must understand your love and care towards him.

Your way of wishing a happy birthday shows, how much he is important to you, So don’t worry we are here for your help in wishing him with some heart-touching quotes or funny too. Scroll down to check our most trendy quotes collection, so that you can put a status on WhatsApp, Instagram, or Twitter too.

Birthday Wishes for Father in Law:

  • Dear Father-in-law, you are such a great person and a compassionate human being. Wish you an amazing birthday!

  • Your presence in my life is like having another father figure in life. You are truly a great inspiration for a lot of people. On your special day, sending you warm wishes and gifts, Enjoy! Happy birthday father in law!!

  • I understand that you treat me as your own child, and I respect that so much. Today, I want to tell you that you are also like a father to me. We love you so much. Happy Birthday, my greatest father-in-law!

  • I am lucky to have you in my life. You the most incredible father-in-law anyone can have in their life. Wish you the happiest birthday!

  • Today belongs to you, You deserve all the happiness and success in the world. Let the universe guide you through your journey and achieve your goals. Here is to wish you a wonderful birthday!

  • I really appreciate you having as a father in law in my life. I am thankful for all the things you have done in all the years for me. Wish you the happiest and craziest birthday, ever!

  • You are an incredible person and a wonderful human being. I am thankful to you for your support and love. You are more than a father-in-law to me. You are like my dad. Wish you the happiest birthday!

  • All those efforts you have put in your life are appreciated. Your daughter is my life and thank you for rising such as a wonderful girl. You are my great father-in-law. Happy Birthday!

  • Dear father-in-law, I wish you all the best things in life on your special day. Happy birthday!

  • When I first met you, I never imagined that we are going to have such a wonderful relationship. We are like a father-son duo and our relationship is filled with mutual respect and care. Thank you for all your support, dear father-in-law. Happy birthday father in law!!!


  • On his special day, make him feel blessed to have you as a son-in-law or daughter-in-law by preparing something special like preparing his favorite meal, giving him a gift or special treat, or just by sending sweet and thoughtful messages that will surely make its way to his heart.

  • I feel so blessed to have a father-in-law like you in my life that’s why I wanna make it up to you this time. Thank you so much for loving me like your own. Happy Birthday!

  • May this year be filled with so much joy and happiness for you. Lots of love too! Wishing you a very Happy Bday dear Daddy-in-law!

  • I was daddy’s princess to my father before I got married. Nothing much has changed since then because now I am daddy-in-law’s princess to you. Happy Birthday!

  • You cared for me so much that people have almost mistaken you as my own father. Now it’s my turn to do the same for you since it’s your big day. Wonderful Bday Daddy-in-law!

  • If I have known how great a Father-in-law you are, I would have married your son earlier than I did. That would have given me more time to be cared for and loved by an extraordinary and amazing Father-in-law like you. Best Bday!

  • Best Bday to the coolest Daddy-in-law in the world! Today, take your time to relax and enjoy the rest of the day by doing the things you love the most and the things you still wish to do. Have a great day!

  • Cheers to your big day Daddy-in-law! Today, I’d like to change the way we call each other. How about I start calling you daddy and you start calling me son?

  • May your pockets be filled with many blessings and your heart with so much gladness! May God bless you more each day and night. Wonderful Bday to one of the most amazing people in my life!

  • You always make us your first priority. Today, take the opportunity to prioritize yourself too. Take time to enjoy yourself doing the things you love or by being with the ones you love. Have a great day! Best Birthday Daddy-in-law!

Birthday Greetings for Father in Law:

  • You did a great job transferring some of your “look-good” genes onto your daughter/son. I like to think it’ll rub off me as we spend more time together. Happy birthday.

  • You’ve always had my back except that last time when you didn’t want anything to do with the police. I love you anyways! Happy birthday.

  • Don’t forget to drink your laugh soup today. The kids can’t have enough of your boisterous mirth and “muhahaha” moments. Enjoy your day.

  • Perhaps we should add “cash” to your name because your generosity in this town is unparalleled. Thanks for everything. Enjoy!

  • The kids keep asking why their granddaddy likes wine, and I tell them it makes him a fabulous father-in-law. Don’t forget to have a glass or two today. Happy birthday.

  • They say you had an Afro in your heydays. Well, all the hair may be gone but I see that the Afro spirit leaves on. Happy birthday.


  • “Manners maketh man,” and you have more than enough of it! Thanks for giving me a wonderful husband/wife who has learned the ropes well. Happy birthday.

  • Time flies but awesome fathers-in-law don’t. Thanks for always endeavoring to be around for us whenever we need you the most. Happy anniversary.

  • Since we can’t beat age to its game, we might as well play to its tune. May you age gracefully and in grand style. Happy birthday.

  • Dearest father-in-law, thank you for being a wonderful friend, father, advisor and mentor to your daughter/son and me over the years. We celebrate you today. Happy birthday.

Funny Birthday Wishes for Father in Law:

  • Marriage may have made our relationship official but we’ve always gotten along before then. Happy birthday to you, my confidant and friend.

  • Good grace I married your son, or I never would have found such an amazing father-in-law.

  • I always argue with your son and grandkids on who loves you the most.

  • But we know the truth is I love you the most since you’re my best friend and a terrific father-in-law.

  • If people saw how well we get along, they never would have imagined us being daughter and father-in-law! You’re like a real dad to me.

  • I keep telling my husband how I want him to be just like you when he gets older. Happy birthday, father-in-law!

  • As every day passes and you get closer to retirement, a time shall come when you can spend as many hours as you want with your grandkids. We look forward to that day. Happy birthday father-in-law!


  • When I see the greying of your hair, it reminds me of experience. The wrinkles on your face show wisdom and growth. And the wobble that accompanies your posture is just an indicator of the challenges you’ve overcome in life. Happy birthday, father-in-law. Stand proud!

  • In life, there are two kinds of fathers-in-law. One who behaves just like a father-in-law and the second who behaves like a true father, no matter what. You’re the second and I wish you stay that way always. happy birthday to my father-in-law.

  • Today is the luckiest day of my life. Because I finally get to tell you how I feel. I’m the happiest woman on this planet because you’re my father-in-law and I cherish that.

Birthday Wishes for Father in Law in Hindi:

  • अज़ीज़ भी वह है… नसीब भी वह है… दुनिया की भीड़ में करीब भी वह है…. उनकी दुआओ से चलती है ज़िन्दगी क्योंकि… खुदा भी वह है और तक़दीर भी वह है..@!!

  • अपने पापा को आज मैं क्या उपहार दूँ ? तोहफे दूँ फूलों के या गुलाबो का हार दूँ? मेरी जिंदगी में जो है सबसे प्यारा.. उस पर तो मैं अपनी जिंदगी ही वार दूँ……@!!

  • मुझे इतनी “फुर्सत” कहाँ कि मैँ तकदीर का लिखा देखुँ , बस अपनी माता पिता की ” मुस्कुराहट” देख कर समझ जाता हुँ की “मेरी तकदीर” बुलँद है..!!

  • किसी ने पूछा :- वह कौन सी जगह है जहां हर गलती और हर गुनाह माफ हो जाता है, मैंने मुस्कुराकर कहा मेरे पापा का दिल.

  • मेरे लफ्जों में वह दम नहीं, जो मैं अपने पापा की तारीफ कर सकूं, वह जिंदगी भर मरते आए हैं हमें पालने के लिए, मुझ में वह दम ही नहीं कि मैं एक बार उनके लिए मर सकूं. जन्मदिन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

  • अजीज भी वह है, नसीब भी वह है, दुनिया की भीड़ में करीब भी वह है, उन की दुआओं से ही चलती है जिंदगी, क्योंकि खुदा भी वह है, तकदीर भी वह है, पापा जी, आपको जन्मदिन मुबारक हो


  • आ है की कामयाबी के हर शिखर पर आप का नाम होगा, आपके हर कदम पर दुनिया का सलाम होगा, हिम्मत से मुश्किलों का सामना करना हमारी दुआ है कि वक़्त भी एक दिन आपका गुलाम होगा. आपको जन्मदिन की हार्दिक़ बधाइया

  • हम आपके जन्मदिन पर देते हैं यह दुआ हम और आप मिलकर, होंगे कभी ना जुदा जीवन भर साथ देंगे अपना, है ये वादा तुझ पर अपनी जान भी देंगे, अपना है यह इरादा

  • खुदा करे तेरी हर चाही खुशी तुझे मिल जाए हम तेरे लिए जो दुआ करें, वो उसी वक़्त पूरी हो जाए आपकी तरह ही शबनमी आपकी यादें हैं खुदा करे आप ये जन्मदिन यूँ ही साल भर मनायें

  • ज़िंदगी की राहों में तुम्हे ना कोई तिरछी मोड़ मिले बहारों से गुलज़ार रहो, पतजड़ ना कभी मिले खुदा करे तेरा दर्द मुझे मिले

Birthday Wishes for Father in Law in Marathi:

  • तुम्हाला चांगले आरोग्य, सुख समृद्धी आणि दीर्घायुष्य लाभो, हीच देवाकडे प्रार्थना करतो. वाढदिवसाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.

  • आजचा दिवस आमच्यासाठी खास आहे कारण आज आमच्या बाबांचा वाढदिवस आहे. बाबा तुम्हाला वाढदिवसाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.

  • बाबा तुम्ही आमच्या अंधारमय जीवनातील प्रकाशदिवा आहात, बाबा तुम्ही आमचे प्रेरणास्थान आहात, बाबा तुम्ही आयुष्यरूपी समुद्रात भरकटलेल्या नावेचा किनारा आहात,

  • बाबा तुम्ही आपल्या सुखी आणि समृद्ध परिवाराचा आधार आहात, बाबा तुम्ही आमच्यासाठी सर्व काही आहात. वाढदिवसाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.

  • बोट धरून चालायला शिकवलं, खांद्यावर घेऊन जग दाखवलं, मायेचा घास भरवून मोठे केलं, बाबा तुम्ही आपलं दुःख मनात ठेवुन आम्हाला सुखी ठेवल. बाबा तुम्हाला वाढदिवसाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.

  • बाबा तुम्ही माझ्यासाठी सर्वकाही आहात… My Motivation, My Confidence, My Happiness, My World, My Real Hero वाढदिवसाच्या खूप खूप शुभेच्छा.

  • “मी आज कितीही प्रयत्न केले तरीसुद्धा, मी आज काहीही केले तरीसुद्धा, माझे आयुष्यत दिलेल्या सर्व प्रेमाबद्दल आणि घेतलेल्या काळजीबद्दल मी कधीही तुमचे उपकार फेडू शकत नाही. तुम्ही माझ्या जीवनाचे नायक आहात। वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!”

father bday in marathi

  • “जेव्हा मी हर्लो तेव्हा तुम्ही मला सावरले, जेव्हा मी अडचणीत होतो तेव्हा तुम्ही मला मदत केली, तुम्ही मला कधीही हार जीवनात हार मानू नाही दिली, तुम्हीच मला खंबीरपणे जगण्यास शिकवले। माझ्या आयुष्यातील माझ्या यशाचे मी तुम्हालाच श्रेय देतो। तुमच्या वाढदिवसासाठी तुम्ही माझ्या असेच पाठीशी उभे रहाल अशी अपेक्षा करतो। वाढदिवसाच्या अनंत शुभेच्छा!”

  • “पापा, मी तुमच्यासारखाच व्हावा अशी माझी इच्छा होती. आणि आज, जर मी तुमच्यापैकी निम्म्या गुणानंला जरी आत्मसाद करू शकलो तरी में स्वताला भाग्यवान समजेल, माझ्या प्रिय वडिलांना वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा !”

  • एक पिता असतो जो नेहमीच आपल्या कुटुंबाच्या आनंदाचा विचार करतो आणि कुटुंबाचे कल्याण स्वतःपेक्षा वरचढ मानतो। माझ्या प्रिय बाबांना वाढदिवसाच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा!


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