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Goodbye Messages to Boss: It’s not easy to say goodbye rather it is permanent goodbye or temporary goodbye. A farewell is not about saying goodbye to someone but it is about encouraging someone for a better future. It is an emotional moment when we have to bid adieu to our favorite person in an organization who is about to leave the job. Sometimes choosing good words is tricky. So, if you are not sure what to say, then don’t worry we are here for your help. You won’t have to go anywhere else.

For you, we have the best farewell card messages and retirement farewell messages that you can send to your CEO, CFO, Managing Director(MD), chairman, or CO sir. Send these farewell messages to give your best wishes to someone on his/her new journey. Check out our collection of simple best short thank you farewell messages below.

Farewell Messages to Boss:

  • Success and failures, ups and downs are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. But the memories of working with an inspirational boss like you will never fade. Goodbye, sir.

  • It was a great experience to work with a boss like you. I will always remember you, sir!

  • It is hard to say goodbye to a person who became a part of your everyday life. Thank you for everything you have taught me, boss. Farewell, and God bless.

  • Your positive spirit is contagious to your people. I enjoyed working with you. I will miss your presence and leadership, boss. Best wishes.

  • Your arrival in the office was as our Boss, but your departure from the office is happening as a mentor and a friend. Thank you for every bit of the great experience. Good luck with the future.

  • Good luck to an amazing Boss. It was wonderful working with you. We will miss you so much.

  • Maybe one day our professional paths will cross each other once again in the modern world and I will be able to repay the debt of guidance and mentorship to you. I will miss you so much, Boss.

  • Like favorite teachers we had as children, good bosses are never forgotten. You are one such boss: helping me to develop and encouraging me to grow while passing on valuable lessons. Thank you for all you’ve shown me.

  • Your leadership has been inspirational, and your time here has been a true gift. Thank you for being such a wonderful boss. I wish you the best of luck as you move forward.

  • Working for you has been a pleasure and I’m grateful to have had you as my boss for this part of my career. I hope we keep in touch after you depart and wish you great things.

  • Changes are often bittersweet, and your departure is just that. A bitter pill for me who loses you as a boss and a sweet one for everyone you’ll encounter as you move on. Thank you for everything you did and best wishes for all that is to come.

  • Under your guidance, I learned and grew so much. You have been a supportive and helpful boss and you will be missed. Good luck with what lies ahead.

  • It has been a great experience working with a boss like you, you shall always be remembered. Thank you and good luck with your future endeavors.


  • It is with great sadness that I say goodbye to a wonderful boss. You have been a true leader and inspiration, all the best.

  • Another boss may come to fill your shoes, but know that, in our eyes, you are irreplaceable. Thank you for your hard work.

  • Your contribution to this team has been incredible and we are sad to see you go. Your new workplace gains an incredible new boss.

  • Boss, you will be sorely missed. Never has there been a more hardworking and supportive person at the head of this team.

  • Boss… there have been many times when your bossy ways have made us frown and complain. But after the dust settles we’ve always admired your persistence to push us again and again. Today as you leave the office and let go of the helm of our team, we wish you the best and hope that your new job fulfills all your dreams.

  • You have always been… more of a friend, less of a colleague, more of a leader, less of a boss. Farewell.

  • On one hand, I feel happy that I no longer have to listen to your angry rants, but on the other the thought of having a new boss makes me wet my pants. Farewell.

Farewell Quotes for Seniors:

  • Other bosses give orders, you gave us direction. Other bosses give targets, you gave us a vision. Other bosses lead by authority, you have always led us by respect. Farewell to a boss, like no other.

  • Your farewell marks the end of the glory days that our team has seen. Because you are the best boss there could ever have been. Goodbye.

  • I salute you for standing as an example of a true leader in our organization. You have always put your staff’s needs and goals ahead of your own, and we all appreciate you for it. Now that you are leaving our team, we are all sad to see you go. I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you again someday, and I wish you the best of luck in this next chapter of your career.

  •  I have never before had a mentor that has made such a tremendous impact on my career. I appreciate all the support and guidance you have offered me during your time here. I have no doubts that your new employer has gained a stellar staff member, and will quickly come to value you as much as we have. I wish you all the best in your new endeavors.

  • It’s hard to send a farewell message to the boss who has created so many good memories alongside our team. I know it’s time for you to take the next step in your professional journey, and I know you will find success in your new position because of it. I wish you all the luck in the world. You will be missed.

  •  Even as you move onto the next step in your career, let me assure you that your legacy will remain alive and well here among our team. You were an exceptional leader and a good friend that each of us will sorely miss.

  • While other leaders focus on delivering instructions, you have always prioritized the inspiration of your team and nurturing our strengths. It’s hard to imagine our team without your influence. I wish you the best of luck in your new position, and I hope you know that you’ve made many friends here.


  • It is always hard to lose such a wonderful, pivotal player in the company. Your presence will be sorely missed. Enjoy the toils of your labor and I hope you have a wonderful retirement. You will be missed.

  • Sometimes it’s hard to find the proper ‘thank you for someone who has made such a difference in your life. You have helped me tremendously within the company and you will be very missed. Remember to enjoy retirement! Thank you for all you’ve done.

  • Today we may be losing a great leader, but no one is as deserving of retirement as you. Thank you for all of the good days, the encouragement, and the leadership. We wish you the best in this next chapter of your life.

Farewell Quotes for Boss:

  • You have been so important to the company, always bringing knowledge and years of experience to the table. Now those years mean a well-deserved break: congratulations on retiring! Thank you for all the hard work, we will miss you very much.

  • As you clear out your things and say your final goodbyes, remember that we will miss our fearless leader. Congratulations on retirement and don’t forget to make the best of it. The company won’t be the same without you.

  • Boss, I salute you for being a genuine leader. Hope I can reach the standards set by you one day. Goodbye, sir, and all the best for your future endeavors.

  • You were not only my boss but also a great leader, mentor, and teacher to me. Your presence in the office will be really missed. Adieu, boss.

  • It is really a heart-wrenching moment for me to tell you goodbye. But I will remember all the good moments we spent together. I wish you a lovely goodbye from my side.

  • Even if you are bidding adieu to all of us, your legacy will remain deeply inscribed in our hearts forever. Thank you for being like a friend to me.

  • Bosses give orders, directions, and targets but you have kept on leading us with respect. Goodbye boss.


  • It sounds like an exciting opportunity for you, but I still can’t believe you are leaving! I’m looking forward to hearing all about it soon! Good luck!

  • Apart from the decision-making, communication, and overall professionalism, the most important thing I have learned from you is how to be a good human being. Thanks, boss.

  • You’ve been great to work with and you’ve left your mark with us. Now it’s time to relax and enjoy! Congratulations and best wishes on your retirement.

Farewell Wishes for Boss:

  • With a very heavy heart, we are saying goodbye and all the best for the future. Your presence we are going to miss always.

  • No matter you are going to stay in the office or not, your presence will always be felt. Parting with a heavy heart.

  • Wherever you go, stay in touch and be together always. Happy Farewell.

  • Well, a part of me will always miss you, I don’t know why goodbyes are always hard but they are (just like a breakup). I will miss you, respected boss!

  • It is really heart aching to see you leave for the new branch; definitely, they are getting lucky to have a gem like you. You will be missed so much. Hope we get you back, anytime soon.

  • There may be another boss who will replace you, but no one can fill the shoes of a good leader like you. Thank you, boss.

  •  True leaders are rare and you, boss, are one. Thank you for helping me succeed and for sharing your skills and wisdom. I hope your next chapter is a great one.


  • Thank you for your guidance and support over the years. The knowledge you’ve passed onto me has been so important in my career development. So, let me raise my glass and toast to you. Best of luck in your future endeavors, and cheers!

  • You are the best boss ever. I feel to be the luckiest employee to have worked under you. It is really a painful moment to say goodbye to you. Bye sir take care.

  • Success and failures, ups and downs are a part and parcel of everyone’s life. But the memories of working with an inspirational boss like you will never fade. Goodbye, sir.


So, these were the best formal goodbye quotes and goodbye messages. We hope you would like these work farewell messages. Our meaningful farewell quotes have a hidden inspirational message which helps you to encourage your employees to do hard work in the future.  Whether it is goodbye for a vacation or leaving for a new job, saying goodbye is not easy. Our good luck farewell quotes provide them new energy. You can share your feelings towards them by using our farewell quotes which are in a simple English context. From all over the internet we have collected these wishes and messages which will definitely convey your warm wishes towards them. You can bring a broad smile to their faces by just sending funny farewell messages.

The farewell quotes for office colleagues are the best that you need to express your feelings to your joiners and seniors. Choose the best farewell message for manager and give farewell wishes to your seniors who are about to leave or retire to the job. It doesn’t matter whether your senior is a male or female because we have heartwarming farewell wishes for your male and female friends as well. You can check our farewell party quotes to give your heartfelt warm wishes to your office colleague.  You can simply share these messages on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram to give warm wishes to your office colleague. You can use cards, flowers, or just text a heartfelt farewell text. Tell us which goodbye wish you have chosen to give your warm wishes to by using the comment box.

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