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Good night msg for husband: A husband is a man who does everything possible to make you feel special so, it’s also your duty to make him special by sending some romantic goodnight messages to him. If you are far away from him then after all the hard day work the only thing that can relax him is a cute good night message from you. Send a text to make him smile with the help of funny goodnight texts. These text messages and love messages can convey your love.
There is a collection of gudnyt long texts in the ‘good night message for my husband’ section for you to choose from. You can start sharing these sweet goodnight messages for him :

Good Night Messages for Husband

  • I miss you so much when you are not around. I know you do too. But I hope that it won’t make you restless. Have a great peaceful night and don’t forget that in the morning we will see each other again. Good night, dear hubby!

  • I wish I could kiss you right now. Did you know that it’s my favorite thing to do? May this night be peaceful and full of sweet dreams. Miss you like crazy. Can’t wait to see your handsome face tomorrow.

  • Sweet dreams my love! I get the sugary shivers down my spine whenever I think about how you’re mine and I’m yours.

  • There is a cozy feeling in the air, something magical in there. Cuddle me in your arms and give me a tight kiss. Good night, my hubby.

  • The warm kisses and the silent hug I miss each and every moment when the night comes I feel so low it’s like I lose my glow, then I remember you every moment, I remember you with every minute, especially in the darkness of the night. Wish you a good night, husband.

  • Your hugs are so pure just like your love; your kisses just make my day. In the night when I snuggle in your arms, I forget everything. I love you more than I. Good night, dear.

  • I like the way you make me feel even when you’re near me. Good night, dear.

  • I couldn’t fall asleep unless I told you how much I miss you. Love you and good night!

  • Hugs and kisses to the guy who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. Good night dear.

  • Last night I hugged my pillow and dreamt of you. I wish that today I dream about you while hugging you. Good night, dear.

  • Good night, my prince, my love, my everything. Sleep well and dream of your princess.

  • The night is beautiful and lovely, the only coz u are by my side. Good Night sweetheart.

  • No matter how bad day you have but I’m the only one whose only dream is to make your all dreams come true. Good Night!!

  • Nothing seems better than Ur handsome face, nothing feels better than Ur caring touch. As I wish you a good night, let me tell you again that I love you very much.


  • I don’t care if the night doesn’t turn into the day as long as I can just be in your arms, looking forward to yet another day of succumbing to your charms. Good night lovely husband.

  • I wish the moon always be full & bright and U always be cool & right. Whenever you go to switch off the light, Remember that I’m wishing U …Good Night!

  • Good night, nice dreams, love, and peace to my lovely husband!

  • Good Night, sleep tight. I will be dreaming of U with all my might. Dream touches your heart and soul. It is a magical memory that unites fantasy and reality. Hope you’ll have the sweetest dream tonight. Good Night!

  • Your hugs make me feel peace, your cuddles make my worries cease, your kisses give my body a release. Good night dear husband!

  • Wash your face and wash your feet! Now it´s time to fall asleep. Your eyes are weak and your mouth can’t speak, so hope this night shall be nice and sweet. Good Night!

Romantic Good Night Messages for Husband

  • If you really want me to dream of you at night, stop snoring like a bear and let me sleep. Sorry for waking you up with this Good night text!

  • I just checked under the bed; it was all fine. Then I looked up and saw you lying on the bed, I really got scared. It surely was a hectic day in your life. Good night!

  • Honey! The night is for taking rest, not for sending text. Goodnight, I am right beside you.

  • If you wish to stop time from flying away, just remove the batteries from the clock. I’d really love to enjoy the timeless night with you, but you’re too boring even when time flies like a rocket. Goodnight!

  • You are not going to have your favorite dish every night. So, stop complaining and let me sleep. Goodnight!

  • The sun is red, sky is blue, I cannot stay happy, without disturbing you. Goodnight my husband.


  • You can finally relax, when I’m asleep. But till then, you just have put up with my childish nuisances!

  • We are still so in love with each other that we don’t want to say goodnight. Why are we so awkward?

  • I know you had a tiring day. But still, I want you to know that your wife is missing you and she wants you to be in her dreams.

  • Do you know what is the best thing about spending the nights with you? When I wake up in the morning and have a look at you, I find you already staring at me. Goodnight honey.

Good Night Messages for Him

  • My heart is full of joy and the cause is that love so pure and sincere that you give me. I send you many good night kisses!

  • I get lost in you and you are in me; this love makes my heart beat a lot. Good night my Queen….”

  • Even the full moon does not shine as bright as your love in my heart. Sweet dreams, my princess!

  • I don’t love you for a moment, not for a day, less for life; I just want to be with you for all eternity. Good night, my heart!

  • Your eyes have the color of the future that I dream for both of us. Sweet dreams, my love!

  • I have Sweet Dreams since you came into my life that is why I want to thank you and tell you that for your love I will give everything. See you tomorrow!


  • Good night is the one that I have next to you. I love you so much, I couldn’t be happier. Sweet Dreams

  • Closing my eyes and not having you is the hardest thing for my heart, but soon we will be together writing more chapters of our love story. Good night, my life.

  • Sleep peacefully that only you are in my mind and in my heart, you are my greatest reason to live.

  • It never crossed my mind that I would be so happy in life, but it’s true, you are really just like our love. Goodnight Sweetheart!

Good Night Text for Him

  • Good night baby. I dream about that perfect world where every day would start with a kiss from you and every night would start with a cuddle with you.

  • Good night, my sweetheart. As long as I am waking up with a message from you in the morning I don’t mind having even the scariest dreams.

  • At the moment I am starring at the picture we took together in the morning, so I can easily pass the lonely night. Good Night love!

  • This night I wish you to sleep calm as never before. I‘ll be next to you. Good night!

  • I know how hard to fall asleep for you. You have to try it. I will be with you in your dreams. Hug you, dear.

  • Good night to the most amazing guy in the world.


  • Good night and sweet dreams, but your dreams cannot be sweeter than mine because I dream about the sweetest thing – about you.

  • I know neither of us are happy being away from each other. But still I wish you a good night sleep, because tomorrow we will be together and will have full day to cherishing our love and fulfil our dreams. Good Night my Love.

  • Even if I count each and every star everything still seems dull due to the fact that you’re the brightest one in my life. Good night.

  • Sweet Dreams my Love!! I get the sugary shivers down my spine, whenever I think about how you’re mine and I’m yours.


Use these goodnight paragraphs for him to send a sweet dream message, we assure you that your husband will be so impressed by your gesture and re-read those messages again and again and keep a smile. Also, share these messages on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. Comment with your favorite line and if you have any suggestions then write to us your valuable feedback in the comment section to improve our services for you.

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