{50+} Beautiful Good Night Wishes for Girlfriend

Good night wishes to lover: Wish your special one with our best kind of sweet good night wishes and make them feel happy. When you send a good night wish to your girlfriend, she feels good to have in her life. By this action, your respect and relationship bond will be enhanced.

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Good Night Wishes for Girlfriend:

  • “I’m standing here with the evening breezes blowing my hair all around. I am imagining your kisses warming me up for a peaceful night.”

  • “On a cold night such as tonight, I want something big, warm and fuzzy. Don’t get any strange ideas. I just want a big hug from you. Goodnight, love.”

  • “A day is going to end again. It is nice to have someone like U making everyday seems so great. Thank U my love and may all the angels guard you this night!”

  • “Every time I say goodnight, it hurts me a little, because it means that I won’t be able to talk to you, even if it is for a few hours. So….can’t wait to see you again.”

  • “No matter how many times I try to fall asleep, the absence of your scent, your warmth, your aura, is evident, because the room feels empty without you. So let this night go by fast, so I can see you again. Goodnight.”

  • “Wrapping my body around this pillow really just isn’t doing it for me. It’s missing the best part.”

  • “All snuggled up in bed with my cat. There’s still plenty of room for you though. Just sayin! Night boo.”

  • “Go to bed and dream about all the naughty things you’re going to do to me when we see each other next.”

  • I’m so enamored with you that I don’t know any longer when my evenings end and when my days start. Great night sweet dreams my affection!

  • I’m not terrified of killing my lights as long as you hold returning my fantasies each night. Goodnight dear!

  • Good night my adoration! I wish to be with you even in my fantasies. Since you make them bright for me!


  • I consider you consistently and consistently in light of the fact that you are the one for me. I love you to such an extent! Goodbye!

  • A lovely night like this ought to be gone through with a wonderful individual. I’m upbeat since I have you. Good night my adoration!

  • Missing you beyond what I can communicate, considering you more than you know. Rest soundly!

  • At the point when I wish you Good night, it implies I am considering you directly before I rest and I truly need you to be in my fantasies today around evening time!

  • I want to be the cushion underneath your head or the cover that warms your bed. I want to be everything that you need around evening time!

  • Great night dear. I wish you realized that I am appealing to God for you that you may get up tomorrow with no distress.

  • As I was unable to be there with you today around evening time, I requested that the moon watches over you. So rest without stress! Good night my affection!

  • Wanting for the most brilliant stars to direct your fantasies today. Have a decent night, love!

  • On the off chance that I could list all the things I am thankful for now, you will be at the top. Have a decent night, my valuable!

Good Night Wishes for Her:

  • My affection, in the event that you get a terrible dream today around evening time, simply take a full breath and take my name. I am consistently there with you. Goodbye!

  • Every night, God sprinkles a little magic dust on you when you’re sleeping to make you even more beautiful when you wake up.

  • Do you know why the moon is shining so brightly tonight? Because it is trying to be as beautifully radiant as you are. Good night..

  • You will be the last thing I think about before I fall asleep and the first thing I think of when I wake up.

  • I can’t wait for the night that I can hold you tight and watch your eyes close as you sleep in my arms. We can try it tomorrow!

  • I always want to be the one that says good night first so that you dream of me when your head hits the pillow.

  • I was never a religious person until I met you. God sent me an angel to show me that some things are simply unexplainable.

  • A million todays and a million tomorrows would never equal the amount of happiness that I have when you’re in my life.

  • Technically I am asleep but in reality all I am doing is thinking about you. Sweet dreams love.

  • Dreaming keeps me going. It means I don’t have to be apart from you for so long.

  • My world stopped today. While the sun rises and sets, I am stuck in a perpetual fantasy, thinking and dreaming of you the entire time.

  • One day I wish my dream would come true and I would wake up next to you. Until then, goodnight.

  • Thinking about you gives me sweet shivers down my spine on a hot summer night, and a nice warm feeling on a cold winter night. Good night.

  • You are the one thing I love most in this world. You have given me hope when all I see is darkness.

  • The night is finally here and nothing I can do can make me stop thinking of you. I hope your dreams bring you happiness and my thoughts bring you love.

  • My bond for you is everlasting, it’s as of now a couple of hours and I as of now miss you. Great night my adoration.

  • My fantasy right presently is to rest and wake up alongside you each morning, pleasant evening my affection.

  • At the point when the dusks, I miss every little thing about you, you are so dear to my heart and I love you to such an extent. Great night my affection.

  • So excellent, the late evening rolling and leaving gradually, yet I can’t neglect to wish you goodbye. Sweet dreams my affection.

  • Regardless of whether I am distant from everyone else and lethargic, that can’t keep me from sending you a stunning decent night message. Goodbye, Sweetheart!

Good Night Wishes for Lover:

  • Before you nod off, there is something I need to state, I say thanks to God I discovered you, you are so delightful and love you to such an extent.

  • You are the most grounded lady I have ever known, you are so honored all around. I need to with you for a mind-blowing remainder. Great night darling!

  • Darling, I will never lose trust in you, I miss you a great deal. May you have a sweet night dreams. Goodbye.

  • Sweetheart, I accept we are bound to be as one everlastingly, I realize the time is soon yet God’s time is the best. Goodbye.

  • I need to the person who is consistently there for you, the one you can share and everything with. Goodbye.

  • I am set up to love you perpetually, regardless of what occurs, in light of the fact that you are the adoration for my life. Sweet dreams my adoration.

  • Sweetheart, the last individual in my musings before I rest is the one perusing this content; I love such a lot of my affection. Goodbye!

good night dear wife

  • Regardless of how the stars sparkle, you are the most brilliant of all; I love you with my entire being. May you have a decent lay down with bunches of excellent dreams! Goodbye!

  • As the haziness dominates and the world goes quiet, I sent you this message to allow you the night rest you long for. Great night my affection!

  • As much as there is tomorrow, I can’t let this day go without saying great night to my excellence. Great night my adoration!


So we had all these wishes, hope you have liked it and wish your girlfriend well. We will update the page in the future and with wishes, stay connected with us. Share wishes with your loved ones on Facebook and Whatsapp.

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